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10 Best DJ Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and you’ve still not bought the DJ in your life that perfect Christmas gift. Well you can stop searching as we have the ten best gifts for you to buy straight from HOTDJGEAR. With super fast worldwide shipping you won’t have to worry about your gift arriving on time. We even offer the option to gift wrap it so you don’t have to! So what are you waiting for, check out our list and buy the perfect DJ gift. Are you the DJ and want to buy something for the non DJ in your life? We’ve even included a few ideas for them!

10. Dirty Dirty House Music T-Shirt

Dirty Dirty House Music. This Shirt will make a great gift for the dirty house music lover in your life. Wear this down the club and request even more dirty dirty house music. It comes in sizes small to 4XXL and in a huge range of colours and styles. Check out our size guide to get the perfect fit. Buy your Dirty Dirty House Music T-Shirt gift now.

9. DJing In Progress Poster

We stock a huge range of dj and music posters but we made ten super special ones just for DJs. Featuring CDJs, Stanton Decks and a whole host of other DJ inspired equipment you’ll find the perfect poster. Check out our DJing in progress poster, perfect for any bedroom DJs door or studio. Our posters come in a huge range of sizes and are printed using the latest technology on thick gloss paper. Makes a great stocking filler.

8. Pioneer CDJ 1000 Shirt

We’ve teamed up with Pioneer to bring you a range of official Pioneer CDJ 1000 T-Shirts. We love this Graffiti CDJ 1000 shirt and we’re sure any DJ will love it too. Pioneer CDJs are the best CD decks money can buy and every DJ who doesn’t own a pair would love to own them. Whilst this won’t replace a CDJ it makes a great shirt to go clubbing or DJing in.Buy your Pioneer CDJ 1000 Graffiti T-Shirt gift now.

7. DJ iPhone Case

We are probably the only place to offer DJ iPhone cases with over 40 unique designs on offer to protect your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. When you are at a club it is easy to drop your iPhone on the dance floor or get it scuffed up with keys in your pocket so we created a range of iPhone cases to protect your iPhone from drops, keys and dance floors. Another great stocking filler, grab yours here.

6. Stanton Miami DJ Shirt

We’re with Stanton in Miami with our officially licensed range of Stanton T-Shirts. Stanton is based in Miami so we had to grab some inspiration from the fun Miami area. Grab your Stanton Decks and get down to the beach and get a party started whilst wearing this shirt. Just like all our other shirts, this comes in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles to suit male and female DJs. Grab your Stanton Miami DJ Shirt here with worldwide shipping.

5. DJ Shot Glasses

The perfect stocking filler for DJs and non DJs. We’ve got hundreds of DJ and music related shot glasses. Super strong and durable these shot glasses will last many nights of heavy drinking, parties and dance floors. Grab a bunch now and get the christmas party started early. Grab your dj shot glasses now!

4. Smile DJ Mug

What more do you want that a hot coffee before getting out of bed? A hot Coffee in a mug with a smilie face on it made from headphones. Check out our different mugs that we offer and grab your smilie mug here. We even have travel mugs for mobile DJs too so never miss out on a hot cup of coffee again with our range of DJ mugs, these make great stocking fillers.

3. I Only Date DJs Womens Shirt

An item for non DJs who love to go clubbing and just love the power DJs have over the dance floor. If you only want to date DJs grab this shirt and let everyone know you won’t settle for anyone, just DJs. Our shirts come in a wide range of men and womens styles as well as colours and sizes so grab your I only Date DJs Womens Shirt now and make your girlfriend happy this christmas. Check out our size guide to get the perfect size.

2. Can’t Mix Yet Baby Hat

Perfect for the little DJ in your life. Our baby hats will keep your little one warm on them nights when you are DJing or helping your little one learn the best music out there. Made from soft cotton your little one will be nice and snug whilst proclaiming they can’t mix yet, but they will do some day. Grab your Can’t mix yet baby hat now and check out the full range of colours we offer as well as other childrens and baby dj clothing.

1. God Is A DJ Shirt

Finally, God is a DJ. He has to be, creating life and music just like a DJ creates music and gets the dance floor jumping. A great Shirt to go clubbing in and also comes available as hoodies. We offer worldwide shipping on all our products so grab your God Is A DJ Shirt now, you won’t regret giving this gift.