How to Care for a Direct-Drive Turntable

Direct Drive Turntables are very different from older belt driven turntables. Belt driven turntables can require you to replace the belt as over time it may become worn or break. Direct Drive motors are much more efficient, directly moving the platter from the motor.

This improves record spin-up performance which is great for scratch DJs and also removes the need to replace the motor belt. As such direct drive turntables require a lot less maintenance than belt drive models but you still need to look after your turntables to get the best quality and years of life from them.

Cleaning your turntables stylus often will help eliminate audio distortion during playback as well as stopping the needle from jumping on your record.

Make sure your platter in clean. Crumbs or sticky drink can seriously damage your records so make sure the platter is as smooth and clean as the day you bought it.

Check your tone arm, a tiny bit of WD-40 on the joints will help keep its smooth operation going. At the same time be sure to check from dirt around the tone arm and the buttons.

Keeping your turntable as dust free as possible will not only keep it looking smarter for longer, it’ll help stop dirt and dust getting onto your records and onto your stylus.