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Beginner DJ Video: Digital Vs…

First there was vinyl, and then Cds and then MP3s. But what do you use? Well we're ignoring vinyl for this one and just looking at CDs vs digital files. What should you use when you start DJing and what advantages and disadvantages do they each have? Harri guides you though another video answering those important questions. Remember to subscribe to our HOTDJGEAR channel on … [Read More...]

Beginner DJ Video: How To…

Okay beginner DJ, you've learnt how to beat match thanks to our videos. If you haven't go and watch them now! You've probably also learnt how to use gains, pitch control and a whole bunch of other things but what about loops. We can't forget the loops and Harii has not forgot the loops as he brings you yet another new video going into detail on how to create a loop and how to … [Read More...]

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